The Bouncer’s Skill Set

Bouncer blocking entrance


Bouncers….. You’ve probably seen them standing behind a velvet rope, or standing on the door of some venue. Steely eyed, serious thuggish men, all brawn and no brain. That is far from the truth … Ok, some are meat heads, but its not an industry you can survive for long without brains. I’m a bouncer, […]

3 Principles of Violence Prevention


Mikhail Didenko explains three principles of violence prevention as taught in Russian hand-to-hand fighting methods: Distance Control, Visual Control and Mind Control.

An introduction to the Shredder


Senshido instructors Georges Fahmy (Senshido Greater Middle East) and Mick O’Brien (Senshido Ireland) at a live seminar in Glasgow introducing the Five Principles of Physical Retaliation that form the basis of applying Senshido’s infamous Shredder TM. Here is a 4-minute extract from the clip. The full 16-minute video is available to subscribers.

Kick Defense from the Ground


Whichever way you look at it, being in an inferior position on the ground in any fight sucks, sport or street. It sucks even more on the street, where you most definitely don’t go to the ground by choice. Perhaps you slip or trip and fall, maybe you are shoved and lose balance, both you […]

Altitude Masks



As a Strength and Conditioning Professional, I frequently get asked questions about the efficacy of various pieces of training equipment. Certainly the most popular equipment over the last few years has been the ‘Altitude Training Mask’ (and other ‘Altitude Training Devices’. These devices have gained particular popularity within the Martial Arts and Tactical communities [...]

Guillotine Defense


The guillotine is a staple submission in any grappler’s or mixed martial artist’s arsenal, and variations of it can also be common in the street in the form of a front headlock, etc. Being choked in any way shape or form is not a fun experience, but there are some simple checks and balances that […]

What If You Only Had 4 Hours To Teach Self Defense?



When Trevor first asked me if I was interested in contributing to his Online Magazine I was hesitant, wondering if there would be much interest in the people SAFE International specializes in teaching. The majority of our clients are women ranging in age from 13 to 83 and we teach approximately 13,000 high school students […]

The Three Phases of Personal Protection (Part 1)



In this three-part series, I will examine the three phases of personal protection: Awareness, Ambush and Active Combat. This sequence is typical of how a confrontation may generally proceed, but it is not necessarily as linear as this. Each of these phases contains specific tools, whether mental or physical, that you can implement to stack […]